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Unique and modern design, this side table comes with a heavy Indian marble base and dual metal tops. Throw in a hint glamour even when you're battling for space. 



SKU: 6
  • Marble table with dual metal tops

    Dimensions - Table H : 20”

    Marble bottom - H : 4” ; Dia : 8”

    Large dual top - 15.7” ; Dia : 9.8”

    Small dual top - 13.7” ; Dia : 7.9”

    Weight : 13.2kg

  • General Care Tips for Marble 

    • Use a damp cloth to clean with a glass cleaner.
    • Avoid using chemical cleaners, acids like vinegar and lime juice, grout cleaners, tub or tile cleaners on marble. They will etch or dull the stone.

    General Care Tips for Lacquer Furniture

    • Keep your furniture Dry
    • Always wipe spills immediately
    • Avoid putting heavy items on its top. 
    • Use a rubber mat under the decorative piece this will prevent the lacquer finish from getting scratched.
    • Avoid hot items on the lacquered surface. Use coasters or place mats before placing any hot items on the table top.
    • Regular dusting will prevent dust accumulating, which can be difficult to remove and can destroy the finish. Use a soft clean cloth or feather duster to clean it
    • Clean using a micro-fibre cloth and mild soap.


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